Letter to Christopher Hallquist on #BlackLivesMatter

This is a letter to Christopher Hallquist.


Christopher, did you also know that there are intelligent black men, like Taleeb Starkes, who completely agree with me? So don’t worry–you can agree with me without worrying about the Tumblr rationalist crowd thinking you’re racist. Just point it out to them that a black man has the same position! Easy! Think about that on your morning commute, please.

Here is the full text for quoting:

Dear Christopher,

I am curious about your position on Black Lives Matter and what needs to be done about the whole issue. It is my view that blacks need to take their own responsibility for their own violent culture before they will stop being profiled by police. When police are prolifing them and causing greater black deaths through policing, it is my view that this is due to the fact that these blacks are more likely to attack and resist police. Therefore deaths like Mike Brown’s are a natural consequence of the higher (on average) black propensity to criminality, through their horrible culture that they refuse to aggressively remedy.

It is also my view, having attended a 95% black High School in San Francisco, that many blacks in black thug culture do not want to be helped. Therefore attempts at intervention from well-meaning whites are not helpful. You must understand that the typical lower or lower-middle class black person does not want help from well-meaning whites. They reject it. They reject speaking proper English, they reject wearing proper clothes, they reject attempts at acculturation. To this group, the ideal is someone like Young Thug–smoking weed all the time, violent, etc. This is not a stereotype, it is the truth as I know it firsthand from attending a 95% black High School.

To end the police violence, we must end the black thug culture that gives rise to a violent crime rate that is 8 times higher among blacks than it is among whites. This can only be done by making public examples of blacks who enable and encourage black thug culture. Only when these blacks who enable thug culture are openly derided and shamed on a medium that blacks watch, such as Black Entertainment Television, can the greater black propensity to violence be curtailed and the deaths from police action be stopped.

That is my response to #BlackLivesMatter. What is yours?

Best regards,
Michael M. Anissimov

Genes Influence Academic Ability Across All Subjects, Latest Study Shows

From The Guardian:

You may feel you are just not a maths person, or that you have a special gift for languages, but scientists have shown that the genes influencing numerical skills are the same ones that determine abilities in reading, arts and humanities.

The study suggests that if you have an academic Achilles heel, environmental factors such as a teaching are more likely to be to blame.

The findings add to growing evidence that school performance has a large heritable component, with around 60% of the differences in pupil’s GCSE results being explained by genetic factors.

Although scientists are yet to pinpoint specific genes, the latest work, published in the journal Scientific Reports, suggests that the same ones are involved across subjects.

Robert Plomin, a professor of genetics at King’s College London and the study’s senior author, said: “We found that academic achievement in English, mathematics, science, humanities, second languages and art were all affected by the same genes. People may think that they’re good at one subject and bad at another, but in reality most people are strikingly consistent.”

In the future, if specific genes were identified, nursery children could be screened to help target those who are likely to require more help learning basic skills such as reading and arithmetic, Plomin added.

The researchers analysed genetic data and GCSE scores from 12,500 twins, about half of whom were identical.

Results in all subjects, including maths, science, art and humanities, were highly heritable, with genes explaining a bigger proportion of the differences between children (54-65%) than environmental factors, such as school and family combined (14-21%), which were shared by the twins.

What a surprise! Not.

Interesting Comment on the Moldbug Strangeloop Affair

A while back Moldbug was uninvited from the Strangeloop conference because of his political views. On Quora, a questioner asks:

Was it proper for Alex Miller to disinvite Urbit from the Strange Loop conference based on political views espoused pseudonymously and years ago by one of Urbit’s principals?

The answer:

Yes, Mr. Miller did the right thing.

All groups need to develop strategies to deal with heretics. Sometimes heresy may be ignored, when it is in the best interest of the group to do so and as long as it is not too threatening, and at other times heretics may be burnt, when their beliefs are particularly dangerous or when the group needs to mobilize the masses. Usually, however, heretics can be tolerated. If Mr. Moldbug had written a blog explaining that he was a moderate conservative and encouraging people to vote for John McCain, there probably would have been no problem with his attendance at the Strange Loop conference.

But apostasy is something different entirely. Nobody who comes from a background like Moldbug’s and expresses opinions like Moldbug’s could ever expect to be tolerated by people like Miller: for Miller to allow Moldbug to speak would suggest to observers that he did not find Moldbug worthy of the worst kind of derision and isolation. And if Miller did not think that about Moldbug, wouldn’t the logical explanation  be that Miller actually agreed with Moldbug? Obviously, he could only dispel that by booting Moldbug from the conference.

By his own admission, Moldbug comes from about as far inside the Cathedral as one can get: raised by State Department officials, communist grandparents, direct family members all have PHDs, educated at Brown University, resided for his entire adult life in Berkeley and San Francisco, California.

And by his own admission, he does not believe that the Left’s claims about subjects like democracy and equality are true: he states, for anyone willing and able to read through his blog, that he thinks all people are not exactly equal in every way, and that distributed and non-responsible exercise of power leads to worse government than the legitimate kind.

Mencius Moldbug believes that equality is wrong—that it is a lie. He believes that democracy is wrong—that it is a lie. He’s not saying that Leftists like Alex Miller are mistaken, that there are some more efficient ways to implement Leftist principles, like tweaks to the system (school vouchers instead of mandatory busing, affirmative action instead of quotas). He’s saying that Leftists are liars and that they ought to be exposed, ridiculed and shamed until they run for cover.

There is no way the Left could tolerate this sort of thing. It would be as if a bishop in the Church declared one day that the Gospels were useful only as allegory, and that even the stories in them were of limited value, and also that Christianity was demonstrably false.

Perhaps if Moldbug hadn’t ever been part of the elite, things would be different. If he had grown up in West Virginia and taken a few business classes at some junior college and then gotten a job in sales, Miller might have been able to overlook this material, because after all, that sort of person is supposed to be anti-elitist in this sort of way. But as things were, someone like Moldbug presented an enormous threat to people like Miller, and Miller did what he had to do.

Update: please note that I am not the anonymous person who asked this question or the anonymous person who commented about the Waldorf Statement on Justin Eiler’s answer. I am also not Mencius Moldbug.